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Adventures in a digital age

A highly professional team focused on creating Web Application, e-Learning, Machine Learning and Digital Marketing solutions. Join us to create your next project together.​

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Every line of code and every pixel matters. Period.


We help our clients succeed by offering advanced skill sets for creating new technology products

Web Applications

We achieve maximum performance for your web application by choosing from a variety of frameworks and technologies

Machine Learning

We use the latest Machine Learning technologies to power your applications and analyze your data


We setup, customize and administrate your Moodle, fitting it to your institution’s structure and scale

Digital Marketing

We utilize targeted campaigns to help businesses launch their brands and products

about us

How we create amazing products

Mobian was founded in 2001 as a web development & digital marketing expertise provider.

Over the years we have helped firms adopt new technologies and standards by developing tailor-made software and design solutions in the scope of e-Learning, data analysis, SaaS applications and digital marketing.

Being experienced in a wide variety of modern technologies and frameworks, we can select the best performing ensemble to deliver optimal results. We work closely with our clients, for reaching the best decisions concerning content, design, data models and digital advertising.

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